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We Build Scalable Web and eCommerce Software Applications, Leveraging Ruby on Rails and Spree Commerce.

FreeRunning Technologies is a team of Full Stack Developers.
We code together in Victoria, BC.

What can we do for you?


We build eCommerce applications that offer unparalleled customization, flexibility and scalability, leveraging Spree Commerce.

Our team

With our team of recognized experts developing your solutions, your projects are destined for success.

Clarke brunsdon

Clarke B.

CEO, Founder

Sean taylor

Sean T.

President, Founder

Gregor macdougall

Gregor M.

Sr. Software Developer

John hawthorn

John H.

Sr. Software Developer

Adam mueller

Adam M.

Sr. Software Developer

Chris todorov

Chris T.

Software Developer

Richard wilson

Richard W.

Software Developer

Jared norman

Jared N.

Software Developer

Gray gilmore

Gray G.


Kyria brown

Kyria B.

Manager of Things

Alex blackie

Alex B.

Software Developer

Kevin attfield

Kevin A.

Software Developer

Brendan deere

Brendan D.

Software Developer

Luuk veenis

Luuk V.

Software Developer

Our process

We first determine what core pieces of functionality that will drive the most business value to your organization and deliver using an agile process with short iterations.

Requirements Gathering

  • Define the revenue model
  • Isolate & core functionality to provide the most business value
  • Define technical specifications
  • Brainstorm & create simple mockups
  • Develop milestones and project plan

Test Driven Development

  • Determine the expected behaviour
  • Write an automated test for that behaviour
  • Write the code & verify that it passes the tests
  • Tests allow for multiple developers to stay focused on the same outcome
  • If a test breaks, we ask if functionality changed or if it was coded in error

Quality Assurance

  • Testing is a core part of our process, not an afterthought
  • All code is reviewed by multiple developers for correctness, cleanliness, and potential bugs
  • Code can not be deployed unless it is tested
  • We automate the majority of tests, so that they run with every change


  • Multi-stage deployment pipeline for testing, staging, and production
  • Moving to the next stage in the pipeline requires automated and/or manual approval
  • Our client's will preview the functionality before being deployed
  • Automated deployment process to ensure that all steps are run, and nothing is forgotten
  • Once approved, a single button push deploys the application to all of your users with high confidence


  • Software that is not in production is not being used by your customers and therefore not making you money
  • We focus on small important goals for a short iteration
  • After the milestone is completed, we determine the next highest priorities for the next milestone
  • Always staying focused on what will deliver the most value for the end-users and the bottom line


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We're Rebranding!

FreeRunning Technologies is becoming Stembolt.

We're the same people shipping the same great code, but doing it under a (significantly shorter) new name.

You can check us out at stembolt.com or keep browsing freeruningtech.com.